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The M1094B Color CRT is a patient monitor that measures:

m1094b - FeaturesECG
m1094b - FeaturesRespiration
m1094b - FeaturesNIBP
m1094b - FeaturesIBP
m1094b - FeaturesSPO2
m1094b - FeaturesCardiac Output
m1094b - FeaturesEnd Tidal CO2
m1094b - FeaturesTemperature

MedEquip Biomedical is an industry expert in providing top quality service for the Philips / Hewlett Packard / Agilent M1094B monitor. We offer full service M1094B depot repair with one year warranty and ISO9001:2008 quality. Inquire about reconditioned exchange, sales and support solutions.

The monitor becomes the M1176 when combined with M1046A base. Other features also include:

m1094b - FeaturesMulti-parameter modules
m1094b - FeaturesUp to 8 simultaneous wave forms
m1094b - FeaturesNetworkable
m1094b - FeaturesPrinter/Recorder

Versatile And Efficient

The M1094B is built to deliver results. MedEquip Biomedical specializes in quick turn-arounds of this monitor for very little downtime. Here are some other features of the M1094B:

M1094B Specs

m1094b - FeaturesSize (HxWxD): 156mm (inc feet) x 370mm x451mm (491 mm with plug-in modules fitted). (5.2" x14.6" x 17.8" x 19.3")

m1094b - FeaturesWeight: 11.5kg (25.4lbs) with blank front panel. 12kg (26.5lbs) with integral rack fitted but no plug-in modules.

m1094b - News

  • Patient/Physiological Monitoring is all we do...
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Multi-Vendor Services
  • 1 Year Warranty with Unlimited complimentary tech support
  • 95% plus repair capability with No labor charge on depot repair
  • 1-3 Day Evaluation and 5-7 Day Repair Turn-Around
  • Complimentary shipping, evaluations and loaners (When available...)
  • Simulated Hospital Critical Care Area
  • Complimentary parts for miscellaneous e.g. knobs & cable assemblies
  • We match or beat advertised benefits e.g. warranties and pricing
  • Installation and Clinical Application Training available
  • We buy retired/old equipment
  • First and most experienced Patient Monitoring 3rd Party MVS - Founded in 1993
  • First Sponsor of Biomed Talk & Huge Supporter on BE/CE Community
  • Evaluations & Repairs include Detailed Service Report & 24H Reliability Protocol